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good morning. that is the scene straight out of a movie but it's not. fragments of a meteor hit russia causing hundreds of injuries. >> we are live at the chabot space center trying to get answers. live in san francisco where a car thief sets off a drastic chain of events. we'll tell you about the chase that ended with gunfire. good morning everybody end of the workweek for many of you it's friday, february 15th i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve
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paulson. it feels warm already. >> it be the warmest day today. you were saying gosh i hope we get snow sometime. next week. enjoy today. temperatures will be very nice. there is only a tiny bit. 70s for many. here is sal. >> steve, good morning. we're looking at -- it does look good. it's windy out there if you have noticed i don't see any advisories. just as you know if you drive a small car or high profile vehicle the traffic on 101 san francisco looks pretty good. let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you very much. we have new video of a meteor that streaks across russia injuring more than 500 people. the meteor generated a sonic
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boom and left a giant trail of smoke in the sky. there was confusion and panic. people had no idea what happened. most of the injuries resulted from broken glass, a roof of a factory also collapsed. meantime local hospitals were overwhelmed. most of the victims suffered facial cuts. witnesses report seeing elderly people crying in the streets fearing that the world was ending. astronomers say the meteor is not part of the asteroid that will buzz the plan et several hours from now. we are at chabot space and science center. >> reporter: that asteroid is actually going to be 150 feet long and it will be passing by earth early this morning. now it's not expected to hit earth. it's not expected to make impact here but scientists here at chabot science center and across the earth are going to be taking a very close look at
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it. now that space rock has been dubbed 2012 da14. it will fly by. it's the biggest rock to come close to us in recorded history. experts have ruled out an impact with earth. but they hope this will garner more funding to examine these space objects. >> let's say there was one going to hit earth. we want as much time as possible to prepare for that event. >> reporter: the next time this asteroid is expected to come close to earth is 2046. it's not visible to the naked eye. if you'd like to check it out the observation deck here will be open later today. reporting live in oakland lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are investigating a frightening
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incident involving a stolen car. it resulted in a chase, a crash, and gunfire. tara moriarty tells us that chase ended with a multicar crash at a busy downtown intersection. >> we are right in front of fifth and mission. it's in front of the san francisco chronicle building. the scene has been cleared. it was a definite mess. there is still oil and tire marks all over the road. plain clothes officers spotted the car in the tenderloin district and tried to pull the driver over but the suspect took off and the chase was on. he drove up on the sidewalk and raced down fifth street eventually slamming into a cab and involving three other cars in the accident. san francisco police chief described the gunfire that erupted moments before the crash. >> when the vehicle went up on the curb, one of the officers fearing for their safety fired two shots at the vehicle.
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>> reporter: now police are investigating whether the driver was injured by that gunfire but chef sur says -- chief sur says the suspect does have a scratch but that may have come from the crash itself. the suspect is in jail. coming up we will tell you what details we have learned about the suspect. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty. hayward police continue to search for answers surrounding a deadly accident that sent water shooting several feet into the air. it happened on samically menta street around 11:30. an suv lost control hitting a fire hydrant and a tree. the water kept rushing into the vehicle until crews were able to shut the water off. it appears speed played a role in the crash. the driver died at the scene. no one else was hurt. police in antioch are investigating a tragic accident involving a teenage girl. it happened just before 7:00 last night. investigators say a car struck
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and killed the 14-year-old as she was crossing the intersection. the driver remained at the scene and cooperating with investigators. two men are recovering from a drive by shooting in san jose that police say may be gang related. that happened at 10:30 last night close to interstate 680. the two men were standing on the street when someone from an suv fired several shots at them. the victims are expected to recover right now there is no information on the suspect. san jose police are calling the violent deaths of a young couple on valentines day a murder-suicide. officers found their bodies inside a home on bermuda avenue yesterday. investigators tell us here at ktvu news the two people who tied were once boyfriend and girlfriend. they broken up is a few weeks ago but still living together in the home when they got into a heated argument in the bedroom. >> you put a male and female
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together on valentines day in a bedroom murder-suicide again it appears to be some type of romantically motivated crime of passion. >> police say the two people who died were a young vietnamese couple but they have not yet released their names. thousands of cruise ship passengers are back on land after being stuck at sea for days. these two women were so happy to leave the ship, they kissed the ground. there were cheers as triumph docked in mobile, alabama. it all started with an engine room fire last sunday that cut power to the ship and left only a few working toilets. >> i'm speechless. finally back in america and on land. the crew is great pip can't say enough about them. >> are you angry at all? >> not angry. just happy to be home. >> it took about four hours for the more than 3,000 passengers
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to make their way off the ship. carnival ceo was at the port and offered another apology. another 100 buses were waiting to whisk passengers away. some were taken to galveston where the crews originated. others were bussed to houston and new orleans. the disabled ship will be taken to a repair facility in mobile to be assessed later. 4:36 is the time. let's check in with sal for the friday commute. sal. >> yes, ma'am. and yes, sir as well. friday we are here. it's not that bad. obviously it's early. a little windy out there. i don't think there are any official advisories. this is a look at 80 westbound. you can see a couple road construction vehicles picking up the cones there if you look left of 80 there. it's not causing a big delay. bay bridge toll plaza is light. we are hoping for a light friday. we'll see what happens later on.
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no major problems on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. so today might be a good day. 4:36. hello steve. every day is a good day. some a little better than others. good morning. if you thought yesterday must be near 70 it was, today will be a little warmer. today is all good to go. tiny bit of patching to so far. only santa rosa reports possibility. but yesterday we had a lot of fog. that is not the case today. there is a little bit of fog. sunny and warm though. it's tough to see high cloud around. sinking air has wiped everything out. yesterday at this time there wasn't much of a breeze. by 8:00 and 9:00 it picked everything up. it will be sunny for everybody today. it looks very, very nice. very warm as well. well above average for this time of year. just patchy fog and a lot of sunshine and warm weather.
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70s for many. if you get that friday flu, santa cruz 76. that is the spirit right there. 70 san mateo. gilroy 74. pleasanton 70. looks good for saturday. maybe just a wee bit cooler than sunday. clouds a little bit of fog. then increasing clouds monday. that is not a type-o. it looks much cooler with rain on tuesday. >> we need it. coming up new information a former l.a. police officer christopher dorner. the research he did on two of his victims before going after them. the change coming to bart it could be good for some people but makes less room for others. good morning. if you are are driving on the freeways right now would be a good time to go. westbound 24 looks pretty good getting up to the tunnel.
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good morning. mostly clear. it's going to be sunny and warm today. a lot of 70s. thank you, steve. time now 4:41. over night olympic sprinter oscar pistorius was charged with murders his girlfriend. emotions were high when he faced a south african judge for the first time. pistorius who's nicknamed blade runner because he races with carbon fiber prosthetic blades is accused of killing his girlfriend at his home yesterday. there were reports he may have mistaken her for an intruder police say there was some kind of domestic dispute and he faces premeditated murder charges. we could soon learn more about why a court has been holding secret hearings in chandra leavy. he plans to release -- because of her romantic relationship
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with former california congressman gary don dit. time now is 4:42. investigators believe accused killer christopher dorner did extensive research on his first two victims. he shot and killed basketball coach monica quan and her fianci two weeks ago. court documents indicate they gathered intelligence and may have collected evidence on quan's entire family. dorner blamed her father for losing his appeal after getting fire department from the department. meanwhile the san bernardino sheriffs department has confirmed dorner is dead. the remains found in a burned out cab bane were positive -- cabin were positively identified. cause of death has not been released. classes are scheduled to resume at the san leandro school where a man was shot to death. hillside elementary was killed as homicide investigators comed
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the area -- combed the area for evidence. family and friends of foster say he was killed during a dice game. they are urging anyone who knows what happened to please come forward. time now 4:43. investigators are trying to figure out if there is a connection between bank robberies inside safeway stores in two different cities. someone robbed a u.s. bank in roanoke park around 10:30 yesterday morning. and then a u.s. bank in santa rosa was robbed. the suspect appears to be the same individual. he is described as latino. he also matches the description from a robbery at a chase bank in santa rosa two weeks ago. santa clara man accused of having explosives and threatening a public official is making court appearance. they found weapons and bomb making materials at everett bashams home.
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they have been add his home around the clock since tuesday. he is also accused of sending a threatening e-mail to state senator. >> stated he was a trained sniper and his e-mail detailed in a specific way certain weapons that he possessed and exactly how he was going to kill me. >> yee says the threat will not prevent him from addressing issues surrounding gun violence and under scores the need to address the problem. those that received vouchers at marin county buy back will be able to retrieve them today. the district attorneys office ended up handed out $70,000 worth of vouchers. those vouchers can be cashed in from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. today at the showcase theater complex in san rafael. president obama accused
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politics of playing with national security. the president talked about the issue during the online google chat. >> i'm not still presiding over a war in afghanistan and i need a secretary of defense. >> oregon senators are blocking hagels confirmation vote from going forward. another vote is scheduled for february 26th when the senate comes back from a ten-daybreak. the alameda county board of supervisors heard arguments for and against the use of drones at a contentious meeting. the sheriffs department wants to purchase two drones. the sheriff department says the drones would not be armed and would be useful in emergency situations but many people spoke out about the use of drones say they are worried about privacy. the supervisors made no decision at the meeting on whether to move forward with the drones. air bus won't use lithium
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iron batteries. it's decided to revert to nickel battery. that is after battery problems on boeing 787s. the dream liner is the rival of air buses latest plane. it's expected to make its first flight around the middle of the new year. bart will allow bikes on trains. cyclist have protested that policy for years. from march 1st until the 22nd bart will ban bikes on the first three cars of trains during commute hours. last august bart allowed bikes on all the trains at all stations on fridays. bart directors heard plans to continue a series of fare increases through the year 2020. most riders say they understand the need for rise in prices but a plan to raise parking fees at bart stations did not get the same support. about 35% of bart riders
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dragged to stations. the bart board will vote on the issue at a meeting in the future. palo alto high school received a generous gift. an involuntary manslaughter donor is offering up to $20 million to rebuild the facilities. the money would be used to build two new gymnasiums and dance studio and weight room. the donor wants to work with architect who designed the new facilities. construction could start by next year. 4:48 is the time right now. let's check in with sal. what are you keeping an eye on sal? >> we're looking at the east bay. good morning. once again we are looking at interstate 80 which is one of the busiest freeways. i'm keeping a eye on the road work here. so far now they are over to the very far right lane. also the morning commute looks pretty good with no major issues.
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101 is doing very well. the traffic is light all the wise to san jose. if you are trying to get into san jose from the east bay, that traffic is doing very well. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. clear skies make little built of fog. otherwise it will burn off fast. it will be sunny and warmer today. in fact, a dry week is ending on a very warm note. but it looks like next week changes. today patchy fog. sunshine for all. it will be warmer with temperatures near 70 degrees. san francisco almost touched 70. they are starting off very, very mild at 52. i went 50 at 7:00 a.m.. 70 certainly along the belle bark dare row -- embarcadero. fog very little. breezily in the east bay hills. boy did that chew up the fog. 60s and 70s.
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mountain view at 71. tomorrow looks good. more fog and a pretty good cool down starts sunday. increasing clouds monday. it looks much, much colder with rain coming in tuesday. coming up a crack down on illegal cabs in san francisco. what we have uncovered at a ktvu special report and how the drivers could be putting your lives at risk. people in san francisco show their love on valentines day with a pillow fight. the reason that party could come at a cost to you.
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some people in san francisco spend valentines night smacking their loved ones with a pillow. feathers were flying at the eighth annual valentines fight. hundreds of people showed up. one couple saw the event as a form of therapy. >> if there is any aggression, any anger, anything i don't know about hopefully by the time this is over we will have gotten over that and we can do dinner. >> department of public works spent hours cleaning up feathers after the fight. they will be back there at 6:00 to see if there is anymore cleaning to be done. the cleanup costs $5,000. phil ting is working to provide tax relief for same sex
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couples. he introduced a new bill. right now people in same sex relationships pay a federal income tax on health benefits they receive from their partner. several california companies already reimburse that tax to their employees. ktvu special report we went on an under cover operation with san francisco police to take a look at illegal cab drivers that could be putting lives at risk. police say there is an increased number of unregulated rides in the city. town cars and limb moe drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers on the street unless they were scheduled ahead of time. some of the unregulated rides have turned dangerous. police are currently looking for two drivers who sexually assaulted female passengers. >> you don't know the drivers history. you don't know his criminal history. don't know if he is under the influence. don't know if he is a wanted felon. >> police handed out 872 citations to illegal drivers. but police say the $200 fine is
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not stopping many of the drivers. time now 4:53. there is a major change for cargo ships that sail under the bay bridge. the regulation only effects ships that head out to sea. it does not apply to vessels come into port. the ban is in response to an accident last month. when a cargo ship swiped the bay bridge. his sailboat left new york city on new years day. made its way around cape horn at the tip of south america and expected to sail under the golden gate late today or early tomorrow. the previous record was 57 days. >> 46 days wow. >> that is pretty quick. >> yeah. time is 4:54. we always hope for friday light.
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>> yes, we do. i hope we have some. we have some right now. if you are driving around. let's go out to northbound 101 at the 80 split that traffic is moving along pretty good. it's nice and clear. a little windy where i live any way over night. i looked around and i guess the wind blew out all the clouds. it's just one guy talking as steve says. be careful out there. northbound and southbound 880 the traffic is move along pretty well. if you are daveing on westbound 92 or 84 that traffic is moving well. at 4:55 let's bring in steve. just two guys talking here. you are right sal. everyone else coast yesterday had fog. that is not the case today. it's mostly clear out there and high pressure says i'm quite
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content to hang out here today. sunny and warm. in fact for this time of year it will be above average on the temps. with that offshore breeze not as strong as yesterday. it really ramped up around 8:00 a.m.. san francisco yesterday almost had to deal with a lot of fog in the morning. we will start off much warmer. 50. 64 at noon. 70 for a high. high clouds not even a chance but no change until probably sunday, monday. fog very little. patchy fog blue skies. a little windy. some of the higher elevations. upper 50s and low 70s. everyone will be pretty close today. oakland really benefit from that. 76 santa cruz. looks good saturday. a little cooler on sunday. rain developing on tuesday. one of our top stories this morning a terrifying story that sounds like science fiction.
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hundreds of people are hurt after a meteor slammed into earth this morning. also a new scandal involving the agency in charge of california parks. the new cash surplus dating back 20 years.

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